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Control your sweet tooth

Got a late-night sugar longing for that simply won't stop? "To fulfill your sweet tooth without inspiring yourself over the calorie edge, even in the late night hours, think 'organic product first,'" says Jackie Newgent, RD, writer of The Big Green Cookbook. So oppose that chocolate cake siren, and rather appreciate a cut apple with a tablespoon of nut spread (like shelled nut or almond) or new fig parts spread with ricotta. At that point rest sweet, knowing you're still on the privilege, sound track.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Romance on Bed

Romance on Bed

Total guide of pure romance on bed

There is on reason for hiding romance

There is no exact definition of romance. Some people say, romance is related with love and care. Do you think that romance is the another form of love? There is thousand of argument about the definition of romance. We can’t define it but we know the meaning by heart. Somebody believes that romance must be psychical; they don’t think the other formation of romance. Romance can be virtual too. 
Romance on Bed
Romance on Bed
There are difference between love and romance. You can do involve in love with any one whom you like. He can be your wife, mother, sister, brother, friend, relative etc. but romance means another thing.
Somebody can disagree with me but I like to say that romance is all about mental refreshment that can involve sexual context sometimes not. But always the main focus regarding romance is mental tonic mixed-up sex.

Scientists say that romance is all about hormonal act, nothing else. In today’s deadlock life everybody is searching for mental refreshment by different means:

  1. Somebody makes online friends via social media
  2. Others like to have voice chat 
  3. Someone making friendship for a long run
  4.  Somebody is lucky enough that can have date in same area
There is no age limit of romance. People all over the world of different ages can get involved in romance. In the online world it’s very easy to find the right people for you. If you are crazy about romance than you can find help for you from different dating related sites, some of them are paid and some of them are free of cost.
But each and every time you need to be careful to find your partner for romance because sometimes you can get fake partner that can be hurtful to you.

Tips for successful romance:

Romance on Bed
Romance on Bed


Without planning you can’t get your romance fruitful. You must follow your techniques. Now I’m showing some techniques for successful romance;
(i)                  Never be hurry up
(ii)                Keep faith
(iii)               Be natural
(iv)              Give freedom to your partner
(v)                Respect to your partner

Why people didn’t get success in romance:

(i)                  They don’t have self confidence  
(ii)                They don’t value to their partner
(iii)               They don’t have faith to their partner
(iv)              They have fear on their mind

Can love and romance can stay in same place:

Of course, love and romance can be going harmonically. It is true that love and romance is different but both can stay in same place.

Types of romance:

Romance can be different types according to custom and place. In the world romance have its own variation. But we can define them by their nature. Here we go:
·         Psychical romance
(i)                  Sex with someone
(ii)                Have date with someone
(iii)               Going to certain places (Pub, Night clubs etc.)
(iv)              Renting a partner

·         Virtual romance
(i)                  By adult chatting
(ii)                By watching sexual content
(iii)               By having phone sex
(iv)              By imagining someone

Why people seeking for romance:

People like to have romance, its natural phenomenon. It started long years ago. That time it was brutal and most of time one side romance. But now in the modern world romance means not only sex it means more. Now people are educated and they love freedom. They know what is better for them. So people love to have romance their own way. So we can that people seeking romance for their pleasure.

Which place is suitable for romance?

There is no particular place or country for having romance. Everybody is making their own place to romance. No one can make barrier to romance. So you need stronger intension to have a fair romance.   
You have to remember that love is pure but romance always not.

How can I learn more about romance?

You can read articles or books regarding romance. I can mention some books that you can read to enrich your knowledge:
·         Consumed
·         Kamasutra
·         Rock My Bed
·         Champion
·         Dark Lover
Can movie help to learn more about romance?
Yes! You can get more knowledge more knowledge by watching romance related movie. For example you can learn more about romance and love simply watching Titanic Movie. How can learn how a man can get involve in love as well as romance in the other hand a  woman find her pure love as well as romance. You can find many more solid movies regarding romance.

Caution for get into romance:

Romance is always pleasurable to everybody but we should be careful about some particular things………
·         You should be aware of your partner she/he is free from HIV or others fatal disease.
·         He/she should not be a fraud
·         You should control yourself
·         Ensuring suitable place for date and romance
Wish you very best of luck for your first or next romance………..  Have happy romance to all.
If your want to know further about romance then leave a comments………..